Music of its own

As much as there are different types of music genres that are world widely accepted, the creativity behind these genres is endless. We have recently experienced some subgenres coming out the main genres. For example, Hip Hop to trap music, Bongo to modern chakacha among others.


Well, Q-Sya or Jay Jay, the multi-talented Mbaitu FM presenter together with Two Jay who is based in Mombasa, have done a song in a different style, a style that most people from the Eastern region are not used to.


The song titled KELITU KAA, according to Jay Jay (Q-Sya) is a song that is about praising a woman and planning on how you will take her home with you. He said that this collaboration came about when Two Jay went for a radio interview to release his single ‘Ndusunge Ou’ . It is here that Two Jay told Q-Sya about his future project Kelitu Kaa and asked him if he could join him in accomplishing the project and that’s how the collaboration came about.

The song Kelitu Kaa was produced by Johnny Blaze of Vanilla Records which is located in Kitengela and this is not the end of it all as Q-Sya confirmed that they have another project in a different style coming soon. In addition, the video of Kelitu Kaa according to Q-Sya will be released this October, so watch out for it.

You can also follow this link to listen and enjoy this hit music.

By Frank Swereri


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