How to be a super Mom

It’s a blessing to be a mother, but it needs lot of work to become a super mom. Children have a lot of demands that keep coming. As a mom one has to keep up with them. They tend to grow faster. Children are fragile and anything you do to them might have an effect on them the rest of their lives.

Are you a single mother and sometime you feel like running away because you are overwhelmed by what you have to do? Do you feel that you are forgetting yourself? Are you unhappy? Don’t worry that’s how life can be at times, we have some tips that we believe can help you go through such time.

Communication; don’t read your children mind, and don’t expect them to read yours. This applies to everyone. The more you talk to the children the more they will understand you. Children need you to give them direction. Don’t assume they know. This is when they make mistakes.

You cannot be friends with everyone. Spend time nurturing your relationship with few people you really care about this will help you be free and have time for your kids. More friends tend to divide your attention forcing you get overwhelmed. Less friends you have around more time to nature your children.

Watch your health. A heathy mom equals happy children. You cannot take care of the children when you are sick. You need to be healthy every time so that your children can also be healthy.

Live below your means and teach your children on the same valuable lesson; do not give them everything they want. They have to learn that some time parents are not able to provide everything. That is the way of life. This will not put you under pressure.

Get enough sleep and have a little of “me’’ time. This will help you rest and continue being a productive mom.

Nderitu Anthony


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