Dried taps in Machakos

By Bwire Marvin

Residents of Machakos town are now suffering, with taps having gone dry for the second month making their life more difficult. Florence Loko who is now vying for the MCA seat urged the government to intervene claiming that very few people can afford the new turned rare commodity in the area.

Drought has affected so many areas in Kenya. Machakos town residents, who have been getting water from Mavoko water and Sewerage Company are now appealing to the government to include the sub county into the drought migration program as it is in other surrounding counties.

Florence Loko who has been working closely with women from Athi River and who is now vying for the MCA seat urged the National Government to intervene in this situation as people and livestock might be hard hit by the looming drought. Loko says that most people in Arthi River are less fortunate and cannot afford the cost of a liter of a Jerri can.

She says that there’s need for an urgent action to save lives and that the government should now be disilting the dried water sources so as to harvest enough water when rains come during the April rainy season.


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