Property worth millions of shilling was destroyed in Kitu fire

By Bwire Marvin

Several shops were reduced to ashes in Kitui town after a fierce fire broke destroying property worth millions of shilling. Simon Musyimu who is one of the affected victim says that he has lost property worth 200,000 in a school uniform shop. The blaze broke out at 1am and spread to several shops, burning everything as residents could not salvage.

Simon Musyimu who is one of the affected victim accused Kitui County government of indolence, arguing out that their calls for help were rubbished by officers responsible. The government laxity is condemned by the Kitui county business community chairman Dancun Singi saying that if the county had disaster management unit the fire could be contained in time.

The traders are urging the government to come help them rebuild their businesses saying that majority of them had taken bank loans to buy stock.


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