Jackline Mwende on the spotlight once again!

By Staycie Ayuma

Jackline Mwende broke Twitter and other social media sites when her story became known to the world. A recap of the unfortunate events that befell this lady,

the woman whose hands were chopped off by her husband when he found her cheating on him with a close family friend. She has confessed to her dreadful sin, one that many do not think warranted the unlawful punishment that her husband meted out on her.

However, two new arms and a four-bedroomed house later, Mwende is on the spotlight for revealing her pregnancy. It is said that the couple’s inability to get a child was the reason behind her cheating and the brutal attack from her husband. Her husband had driven her out of their matrimonial home and they have been living separately since the incident.

We applaud Machakos county women parliamentarians for the humanitarian act that they were involved in when they gave her a place to call home and went to the extent of opening a business for her to run in order to support herself in her current situation. However, thumbs up to Machakos county first lady Lilian Ng’ang’a who has supported Miss Mwende throughout her predicament. The first lady went to the extent of helping her to contribute funds to get the electronic prosthetic arms that she currently has. According to Honorable Dr. Susan Musyoka, the Machakos women representative, the county is devoted to the fight against gender-based violence by trying to educate the citizens on opting for less violent conflict-resolution methods such as dialogue to avoid cases such as Mwende’s.


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