A Divided Nation

By Bwire Marvin

I don’t like politics. I believe this an opinion shared by most my peers, the youth. However, at the end of the day,

the political state of the country is as important to me as it is to the next guy. I have tried to be involved with politics in my country as much as any youth could but many a times our leaders disappoint us and do not deliver.

They tell me that it is my right to vote but why is it that in a nation of forty million people and about eighteen million voters, it’s only around twelve million who do actually vote. Why is it that people don’t vote yet we are one of the most active political nations across Africa? Is it lack of choice or we are just simply a divided nation.

Every other politician promises different things and yet at the end of the day, the ordinary citizen down at the grassroot level never actually gets an improvement to his living conditions. This has become yet another norm.

Divided by tribe. We have become such a cliché that we actually use tribe as a trait while considering our leaders. It does not get better with time. Growing up, I actually thought it would. It is exhausting that I have not seen a leader set himself/herself apart from the norm.

I want to go out to the polling station and vote for a leader I believe in. So do many Kenyans. However, I could be forced to wait for this day for a while since our country’s next generation of politicians doesn’t seem to be any better from the current.

Divided by religion. Our nation has been cast into turmoil because of this. Many of us at times share similar thoughts but because of our different religions we opt against working together. I would praise our nation for raising above our different religions most times unlike what we have witnessed over the years in Nigeria and other countries. Going forward, working together regardless of our religions will help foster peace and prosperity in the country.

Divided by thoughts. While most if not all of us share the same thoughts on how to improve our country, a few individuals share different opinions. Such, our nation has stagnant growth. While we move forward, a few individuals drag us backward. We need to rid our country of such individuals. This is by providing jobs for the youth so as to prevent increased crimes in the country. We also need to lock up this corrupt politicians and officials.

For us to grow, we will need to work hand in hand to unite our country and appeal to everyone to join in and lend a hand. However, for now we are but a divided nation.


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