Starring At Death

By Bwire Marvin

Just the other day, I was seated at the back of a Rongai matatu heading to my place. I had boarded one of these heavily graffitied matatus with

ecstatic music. Primarily, I liked using these kind of matatus so as to arrive home faster because they had tendency to overlap. Which I know for sure is a traffic violation.

Seated next to me was one of those kinds of passengers who like voicing out their opinions. Every matatu has one at least. Personally, I don’t think I have the guts to shout out my thoughts in a crowded place. The woman was complaining on how recklessly the vehicle was being driven while at the same time lamenting about the poor condition of our seats. I held on to my seat and prayed to God to arrive safely as our ever so industrious matatu driver left the road and tried his lack at the nearby bushes, creating a road of his own. He was trying to avoid the jam. We were all afraid for our lives yet we had all boarded the matatu for the same reason that was to avoid the jam. The driver was just giving us what we had paid for.

Road accidents have been one of the many killers in our society. We continue to lose countless lives due to reckless driving. However, we are not all playing our role in ensuring less accidents on our roads. As much as we want to blame poor condition of roads and reckless driving for road accidents, what are we doing as individuals to help prevent this ordeal?

Instead of using safely driven matatus, why do we always rush to reckless driven matatus which end up costing us our lives? Have we ever just stopped for a moment and thought about boycotting these recklessly driven matatus?

Why are the police and relevant authorities giving licenses to unqualified drivers who end up claiming lives of many of our own? Just the other day, I read in a newspaper that the use of alcoblow as a matter of fact is illegal. How then does the police handle drunken drivers? What are the relevant authorities doing to curb the disaster that is road carnage.

Why would you board the same vehicle daily knowing beforehand its tendency to drive recklessly then once inside start to complain? Why would anyone want to be that close to death itself?


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