Machakos Senate aspirant Kioko’s promise to the elderly

By Nderitu Anthony

During election period, our society tend not to focus on the elderly. Political leaders turn to the youth and vibrant masses that

follow and chant their slogans. However, the elderly also form a vital part of our society. We run to them for advice and direction when life goes sideways. They only need care and protection in return.

Machakos County has an estimate of 100,000 aged people over 65 years. According to Machakos senate aspirant Henry Carlos Kioko, the national government has only reached to 15,000 people under the senior citizen protection program. The rest are left to their families to take care them. This is a hard task without support from society.

Kioko has decided to make a promise to create a dynamic database of the aged persons and publish to ensure that all the aged get full access of funds and support from the county and the National government.

Kioko further added that once elected, he will establish a senate office in all constituencies that will facilitate the registration and interaction with the elderly. He was speaking on Monday at Mutituni Market in Machakos town. The subject of the elderly come up after he was asked by the vendors how he will address the issue of aged person’s funds being mismanaged.


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