Malombe Belittles Ngilu

Anthony Nderitu

It was a shock to most of the county government officers and residents of Kitui when governor Malombe ironically said he was not aware that for lands cabinet secretary was running for gubernatorial seat come august.

Malombe had just been asked by the press if Ngilu supporters voted for him during the primaries because he was weaker than Senator David Musila to give way for Mama Ngilu in the coming elections. Malombe answered with laughter saying the opponent was already defeated in wiper primaries referring to Musila.

“I am not aware of Ngilu`s candidature because I never see anything serious in her. If she dares me I will beat her with over 100,000 votes,’’ he said.

Governor Malombe showed his confidence saying Ngilu is a walk in the park and cannot make him worry.

“politically Ngilu is not my match and it is a serious joke for one to imagine there will be competition between us.’’ He added.

Earlier, Malombe had warned wiper party leader Kalonzo about Ngilu`s new friendship to the party. Malombe pointed out that she cannot be trusted in any way. Malombe finished his press briefing by asking Kalonzo Musyoka to appoint his as wiper party chair. He affirmed that he has experience with the Kamba community.


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