Sonko Past Court Case Dug Up, Floods the Internet

By Allan Tawai,

A letter has been circulating on social media indicating that a warrant of arrest has been issued by a Mombasa chief magistrate against Mike Sonko. The letter indicated that a warrant of arrest against him was still standing after police previously failed to affect them. Sonko won the primaries in a landslide, beating his opponent Peter Kenneth and giving him a clear path to run for the Nairobi top job.

However, a senior court official at the Mombasa court has disputed the letter and said people have misinterpreted the letter. He said the letter was a response to a letter of inquiry by William Kenga Advocates, who wanted to know the availability of the case files and if he could access them. He also indicated that it was not easy to trace the files because the case took place years ago and they have been categorizing the files.

Were his court cases concluded? In court records, Sonko had previously faced four charges under different case files. He had been charged in case file number 196 of 1998, where he is accused of obtaining money by false pretenses. The senator was also charged with case file number 630 of 1998, where he allegedly handled stolen property, forgery, stealing and obtaining goods fraudulently.

Nevertheless, the conclusions of the cases remain a mystery as they are not in the records. It is not clear whether the cases were concluded or, dismissed or the accused was acquitted. The records further revealed that a warrant of arrest against Sonko had been issued by resident magistrate Mugambi Babu.

Yet again, it is not clear whether the warrant was affected or lifted. Two other cases 950 and 951 of 1997 were not on record.



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