I Have Secrets about Kalonzo Musyoka That Will Shock Kenya – Muthama

By Allan Tawai.

Machakos Senator Johnston Muthama has threatened to make an example out of Kalonzo by revealing Kalonzo’s dirty laundry. The fall-out between Kalonzo and his former ally seems to have taken a malevolent twist after Muthama left Wiper reproving its leader of dictatorship.

Muthama will now be running for the Machakos senate seat as an independent candidate according to a report by the Standard. Speaking to the same publication, Muthama revealed that the dirt he had on Kalonzo was of such gravity that it would rattle the whole nation.

“I do not rush into things and you know that. I take my time, but when I do, I do not hold back. What I have and what I am promising to reveal is shocking… shocking information that will shake the whole country,” Muthama said as quoted by the Standard.

On the issue of the EALA nomination, Muthama said that it was wrong to nominate the son as an MP while nominating the father as the vice president. He promised to fight tooth and nail to make sure that Kennedy Musyoka is not nominated to the EALA.

Muthama, however, denied the claims that his expose would reside on how Kalonzo settled for NASA’s second. There had been unverified scuttlebutt that Kalonzo and Mudavadi were paid KSh4 billion and KSh2 billion respectively in order to allow Raila to fly the NASA flag.




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