Senate Candidate to be grilled by opinion leaders

Anthony Nderitu

Machakos county senate candidate Henry Kioko has agreed to be grilled by opinion leaders. Kioko who is running for Machakos senate on Maendeleo chap chap ticket will take questions from the audience of syokimau, Athi River, and Mlolongo

The event will be held at food place on Wednesday 24th may. He will face opinion leaders and the audience in the afternoon. The proceeding will be broadcasted live online. In a press release on Tuesday morning, Kioko confirmed he will take on the roundtable to explain his vision for Machakos.

“Kioko`s victory is seen as crucial to taking the senate back to the people and opinion leaders are putting their clout and resources on the line to help Kioko win his election.’’  Said a businessman in syokimau as quoted by Kioko.

The county perceives senate role as an impediment to progress and development. According to Kioko senate is intended to expand devolution and an assembly where the opinion, interests, and beliefs of the people are represented.

Kioko has been progressive and authentic, citing his day to day efforts to promote participatory democracy. In his campaign, he takes questions from the public. He has called on debates from other leaders from time to time.  He promised to inspire his generation to make a difference.



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