Kitui Man Accuses Police of Beating Him

By Bwire Marvin.


A man has been reportedly beaten up by police officers in Kitui County. The victim is now recuperating at Mutomo Mission Hospital.

Mr. Robert Kakai who is a driver at the hospital suffered a broken leg and head and chest injuries.

Kakai was reported by his wife to the officers after a domestic quarrel, as Witnesses reported.

The driver said he was taken from his mother’s shop by three officers on Friday evening and beaten up on claims that he assaulted his wife.

“They handcuffed and dragged me on a marram road for about 150 metres,” Mr. Kakai said.

“I was then beaten until I lost consciousness.”

He said the beatings took place at the station’s report office even before he could be booked.

“My pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. My mother and brother watched helplessly as the officers were beating me,” Mr. Kakai complained.

The victims also claimed that as he laid on the ground in pain, one of the officers hit him with a club just below his right knee as the others kicked him.

“At that point, I was unable to stand,” he said.

A crowd began gathering outside the station and shouted as the beating went on, at the officers.

“The policemen gave in to pressure from the family and the residents and took him to the hospital,” a resident who declined to be named said.

Hospital doctors confirmed that the driver’s leg was broken.

Driver’s family had complained to him and that, investigations had been launched as claimed by Mutomo OCPD Clifford Nyaga.

Mr. Nyaga said that he would issue a comprehensive statement once investigations are complete, as he had not been briefed on the incident later on.


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