Food Security in Kenya

By Bwire Marvin.


The chairman for the oversight board for the strategic food reserve fund, Dr. Noah Wekesa has faulted the government and the ministry of agriculture over claims of neglect of the body. Wekesa was speaking in light of the food crisis in the country. He said his institution has been rendered non-performing since the government does not lias with it in ensuring food security.

CEOs of Corporations last week met at a networking meeting in Nairobi to discuss the role of institutions in managing the economy of Kenya…

Speaking at the event, Former Kwanza MP Noah Wekesa, now chair of the Oversight Board of the Strategic Food Reserve Fund, blamed the government for not allowing the board to work hand in hand with the ministry of Agriculture in curbing the ongoing food cost crisis…

He added that the board has been neglected such that he has no office or staff and the mandate of Strategic Food Reserve Fund cannot be executed. Cabinet Secretary of the National Treasury, Henry Rotich who was present during the meeting, commented on the matter saying the ministries have a responsibility to their entities and the boards need to be responsive with government policy.

This comes amid the sky rocketing food prices in the country and the maize scandal



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