Kibwezi West MP kicked out of parliament.

Anthony Nderitu. 

Just a few Hours to the end of the parliament proceedings on Wednesday, Kibwezi West MP Patrick Musimba was kicked out of the chamber for disorderly behavior. Musimba was kicked out of the house on the orders of Speaker Justin Muturi after a prolonged verbal exchange.

The independent MP had risen on a point of order immediately after Kuresoi North MP Moses Cheboi explained to his equals the new standing orders.

He wanted to make amendments to the standing orders to make a provision for the appointment of a leader of the caucus of independents and for the recognition of a party whip other than those named by the major parties.

However, Mr Muturi told him that because the House had not reached the point where the standing orders were to be debated, and his proposed amendments had not been scrutinized and approved, he would have to wait as reported by the nation.

The parliamentarian, conversely, maintained on arguing his point, even after his microphone was turned off.  The Speaker later asked him to follow the right procedure. Speaker asked the sergeants-at-arms to get the Kibwezi West MP out of the chambers, after he persisted

The standing orders was debated Thursday. Among the significant changes is the creation of a special oversight committee directed by an independent committee and the creation of a provision allowing a member of parliament who has been sent out for a certain period of time to appeal against the decision.


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