Kitui South wiper MCAs endorse Musila

Anthony Nderitu.

Kitui County gubernatorial aspirant David Musila’s 4 days tour in Kitui South has boasted his campaigns. Accompanied by his running mate Peninah Malonza, Musila toured 3 vote rich areas in Mutomo Ward before attending a burial on Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday the 14th June, they held several rallies across Ikutha=Kasaala and Athi Wards which were marked by major defections and endorsements.

Several MCAs aspirants led by Wiper’s Kimanzi amalgamated Musila rallies and endorsed him to their supporters. The MCAs aspirants accused Kitui Governor Malombe for having denied them their deputy governor’s position.

In Ikutha Ward, the Malombe Ward campaigns steering committee led by Florence Maluki defected officially to David Musila’s camp condemning Malombe of funding ghost projects.

“Malombe keeps deceiving us that he built Ikutha level 4 hospital here in our ward. The hospital is just another white elephant that was used to loot Kitui County funds. The hospital has no drugs, no doctors, no nurses; it’s just an empty shell”, said Florence Maluki.

“I want to thank Hon Kitindio and Hon Kaki for having accepted to work with us and support me as their sister. Kitui South has been honored by David Musila since he chose to have us represented in his gubernatorial ticket. We will vote him to the last man and woman” said Peninah Malonza.

Musila is expected to hold 3 rallies in Kanziiku, 3 rallies in Mutomo and 2 rallies in Ikutha Wards before he concludes his 4 days tour in Kitui South.


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