Mother of five tries to sell an owl for food

Anthony Nderitu.

A mother of five on Tuesday shocked residents of Kitui town as she was selling an owl to find bread for her children’s. Kamene of Museve village in Kitui Central constituency was selling the live bird for Sh250.

She defended herself saying she didn’t have anything so she captures the bird to sell for food.  Kamene said she couldn’t cook the bird for the kids since it’s not fit for consumption. Ms Kakai looked unperturbed by the huge crowd of curious onlookers she had attracted as she pleaded with people to buy the bird.

“I had no choice but to bring it to the market to sell it as I cannot watch my children die of hunger,” she said.

In traditional African beliefs, an owl is believed to be bad omen and it’s associated with death and sorcerers.

“My children will starve to death unless someone volunteers to buy this bird. I wish I can get a buyer offering Sh500 or even Sh1, 000, I will buy food to last us several days,” she said

She added that the money would allow her to buy maize flour. The incident interrupted normal business as shoppers at Kalundu Market remained shocked.

Nobody would buy the bird as such trade in wildlife is prohibited under Kenyan wildlife conservation laws.


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