Residents Stop Road Construction Over water shortage in Kyatune Dam

Anthony Nderitu.

Sino hydro Corporation, a Chinese firm contracted to build the Kitui-Kibwezi road, is facing a serious hindrance after Kitui South inhabitants stopped an alleged plan to allow the company to use water from Kyatune dam.

They allegedly blamed their Member of Parliament Rachael Nyamai and Mutomo DCC Jeremiah Tumo of conspiring with their area Chief Kyambati King’ondu to allow the contractor to use the dam. They claim that the company will drain the dam.

The residents have pointed out that the dam is the only source of water for both domestic use and watering livestock as well as small-scale irrigated farming.

Lead by Jonathan Kumala, they asked the company to find other sources of water to use in the construction of the road. Even so, they are willing to cooperate with their front-runners and the contractors as long as they can find an alternative for water shortage in the region.

Jeremiah Tumo dismissed the matter as unfounded allegations which are politically fueled to tarnish his image. He denied any connection to the company.


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