Shock as a deceased infant comes back to life in Mwingi

Anthony Nderitu.

Residents of Mbondoni village, Mwingi Kitui County were taken through a moment of surprise and disbelief after a one-month-old infant came back to life just few minutes before its burial.

The burial ceremony was cut short after the baby girl, who passed on three days ago after abrupt sickness, coughed as she was being dressed for entombment on Saturday mid-morning.

The women sent to dress the child noticed a change of the body’s temperature, sensing life seconds before she coughed. A good number of the mourners fled after getting information that the baby had come back to life

Major Mwenga, a relative who spoke to star newspaper, said they had made all the arrangements for the burial and the child had been confirmed dead.

The child’s resting place was also ready.

“After the baby girl regained life, we rushed her to a nearby hospital. We have already informed the authorities about the same,” he said.

Mwenga added that they had to bury a banana trunk in the grave in line with the Kamba traditions. It’s a form of cleansing and protection to family and community.


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