Woman Found Selling an Owl Receives Help

By Allan Tawai.

Kamene Kakai, the woman from Kitui Central constituency who shocked residents after seeking to sell an owl for KSh250 has received help from good Samaritans.

Kamene attracted a huge crowd at Kalundu market in Kitui town on Tuesday, June 13 after walking 15km to try and sell the bird associated with bad omen.

“I had no choice but to bring it to the market to sell it as I cannot watch my children die of hunger,” she said.

The woman and her family have received foodstuff from good Samaritans from Syokimau who visited her poverty stricken home.

She was not available at the time of the visit, but the team found out she lives with her brother’s wife who has eight children inside a mud house that has no door, window or a bed. Kavivi who suffers from epilepsy and mental complications has five children but four of them live with her husband

“The bird she was selling at Kalundu market she found it fallen on the ground, and decided to go and sell it, this family needs God even prayers are needed….” read a post by the team that visited her home.

The team is planning to purchase a bed, mattress, door and a window and has requested for members of the public seeking to help to drop any goods tuff, clothes or anything at Syokimau FM offices before Wednesday, June 21.


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