Malombe promises Raila Kitui votes

Anthony Nderitu.

Kitui county Governor Julius Malombe has promised to deliver his county’s votes to the National Super Alliance (NASA) come August 8 General Election.

He urged the inhabitants to be vigilant for Jubilee moles who were hiding behind Independent tickets and others in parties that were not affiliated to NASA but pretend to associate with wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

“It is now an open secret. Mr. Odinga would be a one-term President and handover the leadership mantle to Kalonzo in 2022. This is an opportune moment for Kamba’s which cannot be squandered,” the Governor said.

The governor spoke on Friday in Kanyangi, Kitui Rural constituency, during an inspection tour of development ventures introduced by his government since 2013.

Malombe pointed out that 2022, Kenya will support Kalonzo’s leadership and urged the community to cast-off other parties in total even for the MCAs seats.

The Governor affirmed that he is ready to face Senator David Musila, for the second time in august since he beat him in nomination.

“I beat him despite failed attempts by his henchmen to rig the Wiper nominations. I will do the same in August where I am prepared to send him to permanent political retirement,” he said.

The governor went ahead to look down upon former Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu, saying she made a wrong move to vie for governor’s seat. Her reputation will haunt her

Addressing rallies at Kavoo, Kalulini, Masimba, Kithiani, Kiseuni, Kanyongonyo, Nzambia and Kanyangi, Malombe appealed to county residents to give him another five years to complete projects in progress.


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