Several Major roads in ukambani nearing completion

Anthony Nderitu.

Major road projects that were previously constructed slowly are nearing completion. This is being done countrywide and the citizens are beginning to enjoy the benefits.

Kibwezi-Kitui road in the eastern region has been underconstuction for over five year, when the central government entered into an agreement with Sino hydro Corporation of China for the construction of the 145km section for Sh18.4 billion.

As time went by, things have changed increasing the length to 192km at the same cost. The recent improvements includes; Kibwezi-Kitui (145km); Kabati-Migwani (16.7km); Kibwezi township (3km); Ikutha township (3km); Mutomo township (4km); Kitui township (3km); interchanges in Kibwezi and Kitui; and rehabilitation of the Kitui-Kabati road and social facilities on the Kibwezi-Kitui road.

The 420km project shall be implemented by Sinohydro Corporation under an engineer procure construct contract. Both the Kenyan government and china financed the project. The project have been divided into three key lots to be instigated simultaneously and completed in December 2019.

The roads are Kibwezi-Mutomo-Kitui (145km); Kitui-Mwingi-Kandwia (103km) and Kandwia-Tseikuru-Usueni-Mikinduri-Muriri (172km). The project consists of improvement the present road to an international standard.

Others are seven intersections in Kibwezi, Kitui, Syongila, Kabati, Mwingi, Mikinduri and Muriri, new bridges. several other drainage projects , three roadside stations in Kibwezi, Kitui and six bypasses in Kibwezi, Ikutha, Mutomo, Ikanga, Kitui and Mwingi towns.

Despite the effort by the Chinese company, they have been faced with challenge of water for the construction.


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