Phase one Report of the Finance Department from Human Resource Audit, Machakos County


  • Machakos Governor on 19th of October, 2017 released a Press Statement on the Phase one Report of the Finance Department from Human Resource Audit.
  • Workforce vetting and auditing the staff and system of the Department of Finance and Revenue collection of Machakos County
  • The Phase One Report highlights key findings touching on organizational structures integrity and attitude of employees.
  • The general stuff designation, duties among others were also highlighted and recommendations given for improving the Human Resources.


   By Allan Tawai

In the Statement, the Governor said that his aim is to encompass a First World Finance system of motivated employees who provide speedy and accurate services to citizens.

“I need to have well-trained, facilitated and corrupt-free workers in this key department” stated Mutua.

The phase one report also recommends that some members of staff be cleared to resume duty and others to be suspended.

“ The others to be suspended until cleared or other action, including criminal charges is taken against them will be suspended for reasons of unexplained wealth and suspected wealth and corrupt activities, leak of appointment letters and personal numbers, insubordination, absconding of duty, staff who had earlier been dismissed who are still working and Gross misconduct” Read the Statement.

The statement also revealed that the phase one report has assessed and recommended the retaining of 167 employees and suspending of 103 employees.

“Next week on Wednesday, they will provide me with recommended Financial Systems and Staffing Structure. I will therefore make public the new staffing structure and the list of those who are suspended,” Mutua further stated.

The Governor finalized that Machakos County has to continue being county number one and this is one of the first steps to leapfrog from the Third World to First Would.




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