Raila to be held accountable for the loss of lives- Mutua


  • Governor Mutua wants Raila to take responsibility for the lives and property lost on Friday when police clashed with NASA supporters during his arrival from the US.
  • Mutua claims that Raila and other NASA politicians allegedly incited their supporters to violence and property looting.
  • The Machakos Governor alleged that the opposition is inciting certain tribes against others in the push to get power through the back door.
  • The governor condoled with the families who lost their loved ones in the Friday chaos.


By Wambui Pauline

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has hit out at NASA principal Raila Odinga saying that the former Prime Minister should take responsibility for the lives lost and property destroyed on Friday during his arrival from the United States.

Speaking to journalists at the Machakos People’s Park on Saturday, the Maendeleo Chap Chap (MCC) party leader said that police were triggered by violent NASA supporters to use some force in efforts to prevent looting.

“Raila Odinga and NASA politicians should be held accountable for the fracas, looting and loss of lives witnessed on Friday,” Governor Mutua said.

The Governor claimed that NASA is not committed to peace and is using its supporters as a shield to plunge the country into chaos.

He went ahead and warned that the country is staring at violence if rogue opposition politicians allegedly spewing incitement are left to walk free.

Mutua sympathized with business people who lost their property in the clash between n the police and NASA supporters.

Five people according to the police are said to have been killed and property worth millions destroyed when NASA supporters clashed with the police during Raila’s grand return from the US on Friday.

Raila who later visited a section of his supporters who are nursing injuries in several city hospitals claimed that Jubilee government gave instructions to the police to use ruthless force on his supporters.


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