Wiper Party Blame Jubilee for “Beastly Violence” that Left MP with A Broken Leg


  • Wiper Party has reproached an attack on Kathiani MP Robert Mbui on Friday after chaos erupted when Opposition leader Raila Odinga jetted back in the country.
  • In a statement, executive director Jared Siso blamed the Jubilee administration for “beastly violence” meted out on innocent citizens.
  • Mbui was hospitalized at Nairobi Hospital after breaking his leg during National Super Alliance (NASA) Raila Odinga’s welcome.
  • There have also been reports that there were attempts to assassinate the former prime minister. 
  • Interior ministry spokesman Mwenda Njoka has, however, dismissed claims of attempts on the opposition leader’s life
  • “Claims of an attempt on Raila’s life that are being circulated on social media are false “The violence which led to deaths of more than five Kenyans, occasioned severe injuries on others and led to wanton destruction of property, could have been avoided had the regime cared to follow the law as well as the dictates of the Constitution,” he said on Saturday.


By Allan Tawai

Wiper Party’s Executive director Jared Siso has blamed the Jubilee administration for “beastly violence” meted out on innocent citizens during the grand welcoming of NASA principal Raila Odinga on Friday.

He claimed the attack on Kathiani MP Robert Mbui was a “plot to terminate him” because of his dedication in supporting NASA.

“Only a quick intervention by well-meaning Kenyans saved Mbui’s life. He is currently admitted at the Nairobi Hospital, where he has just undergone a successful surgery on his broken leg.”

Siso said the attack and any other intimidation by the government “will not deter us from freeing Kenya from the shackles of despotism and dictatorship”.

Last week, the MP led other party leaders in issuing a statement stating that Wiper remained resolute in ensuring that Jubilee regime is removed from power through legal and constitutional means.

He laughed off attempts by Jubilee to split NASA through divide-and-rule tactics.

His vehicle was teargassed after which he rolled into a ditch and was injured.

Five people were reportedly stoned to death by mobs during the NASA protests, police said.

Spokesperson George Kinoti said they were caught stealing and killed by angry mobs.

The opposition leader Mr. Odinga said that he was not happy with the way the government conducted itself when he arrived back into the country following his visit to the United States of America.

“I am very angry today. My anger is with this boy called Uhuru Kenyatta,” he said.

Odinga also said that he expected the President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto to receive him only to be welcomed with teargas.

“I have come back home from abroad. He sends police to teargas me, beat up my people and shoot them. This is being beastly.”




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