Ngilu Was Not Validly Elected, Malombe Tells Court


  • Former Kitui Governor Julius Malombe has accused Charity Ngilu of bribing voters to win the August 8 election.
  • He told the High Court that the election was neither fair nor credible and that it was marred with violence
  • Governor Ngilu through her lawyer Mr. Kioko Kilukumi dismissed the claims


By Allan Tawai

Former Kitui Governor Julius Malombe on Wednesday accused sitting governor Charity Ngilu of bribing voters to win the August 8 election.

Mr. Malombe testified that there were some instances where some of his agents were not allowed into polling stations hence could not know what was transpiring.

The former governor told the Milimani law court that he could not explain more about the bribery allegations because he was informed by his agents.

“I cannot give evidence about the bribery allegations but my agent will come to testify and give evidence.”

While supporting his petition before the court, Mr. Malombe said some of the votes counted in favor of Ngilu were never cast.

“There was vote stuffing during the August 8 elections … my agents will appear before the court to give testimony.”

Mr. Malombe, while being cross-examined by Kilukumi, added that delivery of poll materials was deliberately delayed in most of the polling stations while others were unreachable.

He added that after casting his vote, he went to some polling stations and observed that voter turnout was high.

“When some women went to vote, they were told they had already voted and could not able to vote again,” he said.

He also told the court that in the absence of his agent, he could not tell how ballot papers were being arranged.

The former governor, who vied for the governor seat under the Wiper umbrella, said there were irregularities that affected results from most of the polling stations.

“At Kitui Central constituency, my agents did not sign the result declaration forms. This was a clear indication that the election was marred with irregularities.”



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