Kalonzo Returns amid Discontent in NASA over House Positions by a Section of Wiper Members

By Allan Tawai

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka is set to return to the country on Saturday (today) after two months in Germany, where he has been nursing his ailing wife Pauline. He has been out of the country since early October before the controversial fresh presidential election.

Kalonzo is said to be returning particularly for the burial of his political ally Francis Nyenze, who will be laid to rest on Tuesday. He would then attend his son’s induction to the East Africa Legislative (EALA).

His son, Kennedy Musyoka was among leaders who parliament voted for, on Thursday evening to the Arusha-based parliament.

Mr. Musyoka is also expected at a consultative forum on the People’s Assembly to be led by Raila in Mombasa on Sunday.

The former vice president, who is also NASA’s co-principal, returns amid a series of political activities lined up by NASA, as well as growing estrangement by a section of Wiper MPs on the running of the alliance’s affairs.

A section of Wiper leaders have intensely objected that they have been shortchanged in the composition of NASA’s leadership in Parliament.

On Thursday, Borabu MP Ben Momanyi threatened that NASA would split if the party is not considered for a slot in the Parliamentary Service Commission.

Kathiani MP Robert Mbui, who was seriously injured during the return of NASA chief Raila Odinga from the United States, said there has been a leadership vacuity in Wiper.

“The problem is that the party leader has been absent and I was also injured, so I have been absent,” he said. “We have a new chairman. Very new — Professor Kivutha Kibwana. So all these things have worked against us,” he said. “We’ve talked to our members and insisted that we don’t want to hear voices outside the normal communication channels of the party. We’ve told them to avoid issuing statements on behalf of the party until we clarify.”

Calling off Raila’s swearing-in that was scheduled for December 12, NASA said they were waiting for Kalonzo to return.

“With Mr. Musyoka, who would have been sworn in as Deputy President, out of the country, and with his Wiper party asking that the swearing-in be delayed until his return, postponement was the only option that existed,” Raila’s adviser Salim Lone said.

It’s not clear whether the two will still take the oath of office as the People’s President and the People’s DP.

The NASA committee on the People’s Assembly has, however, announced that the first inaugural session of the assembly is scheduled for early next year.



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