Governor Ngilu Pledges to Embrace the Agenda Started By Late Mayor Martha Mwangangi

By Wambui Pauline

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu said the County will remember former Kitui ex- mayor Martha Mwangangi by working towards fully transforming the lives of residents.

Ms. Ngilu said that the death of former Ms. Martha Mwangangi will not be in vain.

“I make a personal pledge to drive Kitui towards realizing the agenda the late mayor Martha Mwangangi embraced before she violently lost her life in a grisly accident,” Ngilu said on Saturday.

The late Mayor was crumpled to death by a fire engine in December last year during protests against the demolition of hawkers’ kiosks by former governor Julius Malombe’s administration.

Ms. Ngilu was injured during the demonstrations. The driver of the vehicle has since been charged with murder in a Kitui court.

The Governor said since Mwangangi died while fighting for the welfare of Kitui residents, she will also not concede.

Ngilu was addressing residents outside Kitui police station near the spot where Mwangangi was killed. Residents placed wreaths at the site.

“Mwangangi was dedicated, hardworking and a true leader,” Ngilu said.

She later joined the family and friends of the late at their rural Kyanika home to mark the first anniversary of the death.

The late mayor is mother to the nominated MCA Charity Mwangangi appointed by Ngilu’s Narc Party in 2017.



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