Five Political Occurrences that Took Kamba Nation by Storm this year

By Wambui Pauline

A number of political occurrences shook the Kamba nation this year. Many of these incidences have left a mark that will live to be remembered by the residents for decades to come. The following are just but a variety of the incidences.

  1. The death of Former Kitui Mayor killed in protests

The death of former Kitui Mayor Martha Mwangangi was killed during protests alongside Kitui county boss, Charity Ngilu. Ngilu blamed Malombe for her death.

  1. The failure of Kalonzo to be named NASA flag bearer

The Kamba nation was hopeful that one of their own is named NASA flag bearer. A section of leaders from this community expressed their concern when Kalonzo was chosen to play second fiddle to Raila

  1. The resignation of David Musila as Wiper Chairman

The resignation of Former Senator David Musila as the Chairman of Wiper Party left a scar in the political outfit. Musila decided to leave the party after he lost to Dr.  Julius Malombe during nominations.

  1. The death of Kitui West MP Francis Nyenze

The demise of Former Kitui West MP Francis Nyenze no doubt changed the political situation in Ukambani. Nyenze was among the most influential leaders in Ukambani until his demise. He caused a storm in NASA when he threatened to lead his people from the political if Kalonzo was shortchanged.

  1. The nomination of Kennedy Kalonzo into EALA

Kalonzo’s son Kennedy, was sworn in as a member of East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).  Before he took an oath of office, a section of leaders was not impressed with the idea of Wiper fronting him for the seat.



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