Land Meant For the Konza Technocity Remain Idle, Konza Residents Demand Government to Begin Construction

By Wambui Pauline

Even as the government is making great effort in making development and raising of Kenyans’ living standards, the efforts seem to be taking a wrong turn to some of who are expected to be firsthand beneficiaries of the efforts.

Malili residents, who reside near the proposed Konza Techno city are now requesting the government to allocate them 32,000 acres of land which had been set aside for livestock research.

The residents living in the proposed Techno City neighborhood have repudiated claims that there is research being done on the land set aside for the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

Speaking at the site, the locals who have formed Makonza and Konza South Societies said the benefits of the supposed research had not been experienced by the local residents.

The leaders of the two societies- Makonza and Konza South Shadrack Muli and Harrison Ngui respectively, urged the government to revert the land to the community for more productive use.

According to the community leader, Shadrack Muli, the land has been idle whereas the locals remain landless.

“This idle land is of no use to our people but if a cow is found inside, we are forced to pay Sh50, 000 fine,” said Muli.

The groups comprised of more than 2000 members said they will follow required legal processes in the acquisition of the land.

“It is unbelievable that the cattle found on the piece of land are not meant for the claimed research purposes but for individuals who have leased the land for grazing,” said Ngui.



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