At Least 40 Livestock Die After Drinking ‘Poisoned’ Dam Water in Makueni

By Allan Tawai

More than 40 livestock died on Wednesday after drinking dam water that is believed to have been poisonous in Makueni County.

At least 18 cows and 24 sheep and goats lost their lives after they allegedly drunk water from Nthambi dam at Ngaamba area in Mukaa.

Farmers and locals have been traumatized by the occurrence, pondering why s person might have poisoned the dam yet no recent dispute existed in the area.

According to Ngaamba sub-location assistant chief Sammy Muthoka , the water source is a communal facility and no recent stand-off existed within the community around.

Mr. Muthoka said the animals, valued at about Sh825, 000, drank water at Kwa Nthambi dam between December 26 last year and January 1.

“We suspect the water was poisoned and have warned residents against using it. No deaths have been reported since we imposed the ban.”

A farmer by the name Benson Munguti, told reporters on Wednesday that he lost livestock worth Sh150, 000.

“The animals died the same day after they were watered at the dam which we suspect was poisoned,” he said.

He noted, however, that veterinary officers did not understand the circumstances under which the animals died.

Makueni Agriculture CEC Lawrence Nzunga said the Makueni County veterinary officers have already collected samples of the water and the dead animals to the laboratory for examination to ascertain the exact cause of the ordeal.

They collected samples from the dam and carcasses for testing by the national government chemist.

“We have taken samples to Kabete laboratories to establish what killed the animals,” he told the Star, adding they were to get the results after a short while.

Affected farmers appealed to the county for help in recovering their losses.







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