Suspected car thief shot dead in Makueni


A suspected criminal was gunned down on Monday morning in an exchange of fire with police in Makueni.

His two colleages fled by scaling a wall at a petrol station during the incident at Sultan Hamud town.

Makueni county commissioner Mohammed Maalim said police had been trailing the suspects from Thika where they stole a car. Police believe they intended to either abandon the vehicle or to refuel it.

The vehicle’s owner reported that his driver had gone missing with his Toyota Prado.

“After driving to the petrol station they attempted to escape after realizing police were approaching. One of them was shot dead,” said Maalim.

“The officers had alerted their colleagues at Sultan Hamud who laid a trap. They are looking for the other two who escaped with a firearm,” he told The Star on phone.

County commander Joseph Napeiyan said the car was stolen on Monday morning after the owner left it with the driver and went to see a friend.

“The owner alerted police immediately after realizing his driver had left with his car. Police circulated the number plate all over and our officers along Mombasa road were able to trace it.”

The commander said they believed the driver conspired with the suspects since they could not trace him.

He asked the public to report suspected criminals to police.



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